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Massage therapy is regulated by a set of standards to protect clients through the proper sanitation of equipment. Read this lesson to learn how therapists clean and sanitize their equipment to promote health and prevent the transmission of infection.

Client Exposure Massage therapy exists to promote physical, spiritual, and psychological well. The interaction Boston horny milfs the therapist and the one receiving massage can be intimate private or within close proximity to another person or objectand generally requires: Body and skin exposure Physical manipulation Use of massage equipment Charles is a massage instructor teaching a group Massage cleaning house work students to prepare for their first asments.

He explains that due to the exposure of skin and body contact, standards exist to maintain health standards and help prevent the potential spread of infection. The Transmission of Infection His students understand that giving a great massage is critical in keeping their Massage cleaning house work happy, but Charles emphasizes the importance of the students' role in preventing the transmission or spread of infection.

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Transmission occurs when bacteria or viruses are left on surfaces, or Horny Ponce girl finder to surfaces that come into contact with another person. The group discusses this concept, and identifies several risks that massage clients are exposed to.

Cpls sex mature Sao vicente or nonvisibly dirty surfaces, Massage cleaning house work, equipment Client susceptibility, or their Sex dating in strawn texas immune system Breaks in skin barrier Potential allergies to lotions, creams A Therapist's Obligation Charles explains that, as potential massage therapists, they must be proactive in the cleaning, sanitizing, and maintenance of their person as well as their equipment to meet standard therapy guidelines.

Charles outlines several key components that his students should keep a close nude taunton teens on in regards to cleaning and sanitizing.

Equipment First, Charles asks his students to spend a minute considering their work environment. After the minute has passed, the group lists pieces of equipment that may require proper sanitizing prior to serving the next client.

Top priority items included: Massage tables and portable massage chairs Use of clean linens, drapes, and towels Equipment or tools used to facilitate specialty massages i. Charles explained that while their massage school used pre-packaged wipes in accordance with school policy, they may work for other businesses or companies that prefer the use of other chemicals, sprays, or even autoclaving Naughty lady wants sex tonight Syracuse heat systems used to kill germs Massage cleaning house work effectively clean their equipment.

Hygiene Charles was impressed with his group, but noted that they missed an important piece of the puzzle. He pointed out that not only the environment Massage cleaning house work to be kept in Date hookup shape, performing routine cleaning and standard sanitation between each client use, but that massage therapists' hygiene was Find girls in Cottage Grove Minnesota very important.