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Need sumone to keep me company Springfield Wanting Nsa Sex

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Need sumone to keep me company Springfield

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To spend time with one for the sake of companionship, Adult wants horny sex Portland Oregon in order to keep them from being lonely. In this usage, a noun or pronoun appears between "keep" and "company.

I've felt so cooped up without anyone to talk to. At the very least, Trish will have her dog to keep her company on the trip. To associate.

The people you keep company with reflect greatly on your character. Lord Nelson has been keeping company with a commoner, and the village is astir.

See also: companykeep keep someone company to sit or stay with someone, especially someone who is lonely. I kept my uncle company for a few hours.

He was very grateful for someone to keep him company. He gets very lonely. Bill has been keeping company with Ann for three months.

Bob has been keeping company with a tough-looking bunch of boys. Mary and Bill are keeping company.

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I heard that Joe is keeping company with Jim Brown's daughter. See also: companykeep keep company 1.

Also, keep company. Associate with; also, carry on a courtship. Accompany or remain with someone, as in Mary kept Mother company while she shopped, or Do you want me to stay and keep you company?

This term was originally put as bear someone company.