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New in town seeking a Ionia lady

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Its inhabitants, erotic massage north vancouver in scattered settlements across this massive archipelago, are a spiritual people who seek to live in harmony and balance with the world.

There are many orders and sects across Ionia, each following their own often conflicting paths and ideals. Self-sufficient and isolationist, Ionia has remained largely neutral in the wars that have ravaged Valoran over the centuries - until it was invaded by Noxus. This brutal conflict and occupation has forced Ionia to reassess its place in the Housewives seeking casual sex Cottonton.

How it reacts and the future path Ionia will follow is as of yet undetermined, however, animosity against Noxus has led to Fuck my wife Bristol and vigilantism. Thirst for the dark arts is on the rise. Contents Lore Surrounded by treacherous seas, Ionia is composed of a of allied provinces scattered across a massive archipelago, known to many as the First Lands.

Since Ionian culture has long been shaped by the pursuit of balance in all things, the border between the material and Lets have some sex right now i can host realms tends to be more permeable here, especially in the wild forests and mountains.

Although these lands' enchantments can be fickle, its creatures dangerous and fae, for many centuries most Ionians led lives of plenty. The warrior monasteries, provincial militias—and even Ionia itself—had been enough to protect.

But that ended twelve years ago, when Noxus attacked the First Lands. The empire's seemingly endless warhosts savaged Ionia, and were only defeated after many years, and at great cost. Now, Ionia exists in an uneasy peace.

Different reactions Natchez head sex chat the war have divided the region—some groups, such as the Shojin monks or the Kinkouseek a return to isolationist pacifism, and pastoral traditions.

Other more radical factions, such as the Navori Brotherhood and the Order of Shadowdemand a militarization of the land's magic, to create a single, unified nation that can take vengeance on Noxus.

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The fate of Ionia hangs in a delicate balance that few are willing to overturn, but all can feel shifting uneasily beneath their feet. Champions of Ionia.