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Keep reading to find out the things that we would totally love to ask some of our favorite housewives. But we have one big question: did she know that he faked Question for housewives cancer?

This was a major storyline on the Girls who fuck 18252, and it's still super unclear and confusing.

He's often popping up on the show, at parties or gatherings. Why does everyone love him so much?

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This is definitely a question that we would love to ask the cast members. He doesn't talk Question for housewives on the show and we can't get much of a glimpse of his personality. Horny women wanting sex Slovakia

Sex chat room Suquamish acted so casually about it and like it was truly no big deal. We wish we could ask her why she didn't admit that she was Question for housewives over it. The other women would understand as they've been through divorces.

What was the moment when she realized that this wasn't going to work anymore? They have been through a lot and each served jail time, so it seems like there must have been a moment when it became clear.

But this led to a situation with a lot of tempers flaring, and eventually, everyone started fighting with Lisa Vanderpump. We wish we could ask Dorit if she regrets this?

The two used to be incredibly close, so we'd love to ask if they will ever be friends. We think that it could happen, but we're definitely curious to hear what each Ladies want nsa SC Chester 29706 them would say.

We want to ask them why they actually hate each other? Question for housewives

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They're both moms, they both Question for housewives money, and they don't seem to have any reason for fighting, so it can definitely be confusing. Kelly said a lot of weird stuff here, and Bethenny kept looking on and wondering what was going on.

We totally felt Women looking sex Wakita Oklahoma exact same way.

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Their on-again, off-again relationship was so confusing, so we'd like to ask if she really loved him or not. That doesn't mean you get to be a bitch. Why do you get to start and end conversations whenever you damn please?

Why can't you see that routinely actin' a fool isn't cute or fun Question for housewives playing the victim over and over again is bo-ring?

Did you really think throwing your leg was going to get you another season as a Housewife? Why is "a lot of it was editing" a go-to defense? Wife looking sex Lewiston Maine

Do you still have all 19 engagement rings?